Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Foods That Aid Conception

There are lot of things to do if a woman plans to get pregnant. She has to be emotionally and of course, physically ready to welcome a new member to the family. A healthy diet and proper nutrition play a key role in conception.

Pregnancy is not simple. To some women it can be complicated, most likely if they don’t prepare themselves to the changes that they are about to go through in the entire semesters of conception – complications can be encountered.

First, you have to eat healthily, try to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (organic preferably), complex carbohydrates, dairy, meat or other protein. Make sure that everything that you eat is fresh. Quality is the name of the game. Eating food as close to its natural state as possible ensures maximum nutrition -- you have to make sure that your eating habits are improved. Instead of greasy burgers consider a healthy salad to fill you up.

Second, keep your food intake in moderation. Remember that everything that you take in excess can harm you. Maintain a healthy food diet. This will help you not to gain more than what is ideal for your body mass index. Some women are asked to keep an ideal weight so as not to jeopardize the chances of getting pregnant.

Thirdly, reduce or totally eliminate coffee, alcohol, or cigarettes. According to studies, most of the substances in caffeine can lessen the chances of getting pregnant. Smoking constricts your blood vessels, which reduces nutrient intake. Worse, it can affect ovarian function, and adversely affect the unborn child. Alcohol affects and lowers female fertility and increases defects in babies.

Fourthly, take vitamin supplements. Taking vitamins like folic acid, which helps in preparation of pregnancy. Most experts usually recommend folic acid intake months before you planned to get pregnant. Folic acid, a
B vitamin, helps prevent birth defects of the brain and spinal cord when taken very early in pregnancy. It is available in most multivitamins, as a folic acid-only supplement and in some foods. Some studies also suggest that folic acid may also protect women and men from heart disease, stroke, colon cancer and breast cancer.

Lastly, I know that sometimes eating healthy is not enjoyable because it means discipline. But if you really, really wanted to get pregnant you have to consider a good and healthy nutrition plan. You have to commit yourself to this activity and you have to keep it in your mind that you have to do it and start believing that you can do it – then eventually, you will do it.

Source: http://www.ArticlePros.com/author.php?Sara Powell

Egg meets Sperm Plan!

Today is going to be a great day! Got up in a great mood and I am going to get some stuff done around the house today. We are supposed to get some storms and I love them as long as they are not severe. My son is a little full of it today but nothing I can't handle. He has a bit of an attitude problem. He has some pent up energy so I need to get him out of the house tomorrow.
I started a the egg meets sperm plan and hoping it will work. I will be starting my ovulation tests today and very curious on that subject. I am pretty sure I ovulate because my cycles are very regular so we will see. I have met another woman who is having trouble getting pregnant and she said she don't ovulate. So I am going to see if I do.
I have a very positive attitude on getting pregnant. I think that I will and pray every night that I will. But if I don't that is okay too. I have my little boy and he keeps me very busy. I am so blessed with my family and love them so much. I am so thankful for everything.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Has anyone tried Fertilaid? I have doing a lot of research on the topic and it looks like it could be a great choice. Go to www.fertilaid.com and check it out! The website says that it can help with fertility. If anyone has tried this or has any information I would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I know it's been a while!

I know it's been a while sense I have posted anything.I have not given up. I kinda put trying to get pregnant on hold. I have been so busy with everyday stuff. But I will be posting regularly again. I have been drinking my smoothies and taking prenatal vitamins everyday. And I bought pregnancy tests and ovulation test on ebay. It was a great deal I got 30 ovulation test and 10 preg tests for 6 bucks. Still working on the smoking but it is getting better. I will be starting the smoking patch on the 14th. I am excited to quit. It has been a battle for me but I am determined to do it.

There are two different websites that I am going to follow starting this month.
One is
http://www.pregnancyloss.info/sperm_meets_egg_plan.htm. It's called Sperm Meets Egg Plan. Check it out it's very interesting and worth a try. And the other is http://womens-place.com/ttc/vitex.php. It's called Vitex/B6 Fertility Recipe. Very interesting also. I am going to try them together after I go to the doctor and have a checkup to make sure I am healthy and ready. And talk to her about what I have found. You should always talk to your doctor just to be safe. I am so excited to start with these and praying that we succeed with a pregnancy.