Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I know it's been a while!

I know it's been a while sense I have posted anything.I have not given up. I kinda put trying to get pregnant on hold. I have been so busy with everyday stuff. But I will be posting regularly again. I have been drinking my smoothies and taking prenatal vitamins everyday. And I bought pregnancy tests and ovulation test on ebay. It was a great deal I got 30 ovulation test and 10 preg tests for 6 bucks. Still working on the smoking but it is getting better. I will be starting the smoking patch on the 14th. I am excited to quit. It has been a battle for me but I am determined to do it.

There are two different websites that I am going to follow starting this month.
One is It's called Sperm Meets Egg Plan. Check it out it's very interesting and worth a try. And the other is It's called Vitex/B6 Fertility Recipe. Very interesting also. I am going to try them together after I go to the doctor and have a checkup to make sure I am healthy and ready. And talk to her about what I have found. You should always talk to your doctor just to be safe. I am so excited to start with these and praying that we succeed with a pregnancy.

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